Credit Services

Our Finance & Credit Department
is Here to Assist You

We offer unique programs to help finance your projects and equipment purchases:

  • Preliminary Lien Notice Programs
  • Equipment Leasing through Marlin Leasing
  • Extended Payment Terms on Large Equipment Orders OAC

Don't be afraid to bid a large project just because your line of credit will not support it.

Using our Preliminary Lien Notice Program, these projects are not considered part of your credit line and receive
extended payment terms.

To Open An Account With The B.R. Funsten & Co/Tom Duffy Company

Contact our Customer Service Desk at 1-888-261-2871 with a request that a salesperson call you or; call Credit Services.


Nanci Stevenson Director of Credit Services

Becky OrdoricaSWD Credit Manager

Tanya McMullenSr. Credit Analyst

Jennifer GeorgeCredit Manager

Jenna AndersonCredit Analyst

DeeDee HerreraCredit Analyst

Jennifer RiversClaims Manager

Anthony ClarkOperations Analyst